Micro-blading procedure normally requires multiple treatment sessions. For best results, client is required to return for at least one perfecting treatment service session which is included in the initial service cost. This treatment service is scheduled immediately after the first treatment, and should take place 3-6 weeks after the initial procedure.

To ensure best results, make sure your health is in good condition. Get enough rest, & eat well prior to procedure. No waxing/threading for 72 hours before the procedure as the pores would be open and ink can enter those areas.

24 hours before and after your micro-blading appointment: avoid alcohol, aspirin and any other related blood thinners unless instructed by your physician.

One week before : Stop taking the following supplements; Vitamin E, B6, Omega 3, Gingko Biloba, & St. John's Wort as they contribute to thinning the blood and may affect anesthetic efficacy. You may resume taking your vitamins 72 hours after.

On the day of your appointment: Avoid caffeine and exercise. Wash your hair in the morning as you will need to avoid the shower for several days. Baths are recommended.

Pigments during micro-blading are not implanted as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo, or even micropigmentation with an electric permanent makeup device. This allows for healed results of very fine, thin, and crisp hair lines, however, results do not last as long as traditional methods. A color boost is required usually between 12-18 months. A touch-up may be required at 12 months or sooner for oily-skinned clients, those who tan often, or often expose brow area to certain chemicals (facial peels, chlorine, anti-aging products, etc.). Pigment retention varies depending on skin type, age, aftercare, immune system, medications, certain chemicals, and the type of pigment used.

If you have any questions please contact us before your appointment by email at iameyedolized@gmail.com