The total price for this service is $650. The deposit of $100 will be deducted from your balance that is due the day of your appointment, leaving $550 due at the time of your appointment. Please include your phone number at checkout so Pre-Procedure advice can be sent to you before your appointment. You may request your appointment by clicking here. Deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE.

Lip shading (or “lip blushing”) creates a subtle, lip-stained effect. As with body tattooing, pigment is deposited utilizing a needle by a trained technician. The artist will first create a custom hue by blending pigments that suit and enhance your natural lip tone and create a fuller effect.

The application of color can take up to two hours. While everyone has a different pain threshold, the use of topical anesthetic will be applied and you’ll likely only feel pressure and slight discomfort.The resulting color can last for two to five years before a touch-up is required. Results will fade over time if a touch up is not done.