The total price for this service is $650. Bottom eyeliner is $350. The deposit of $100 will be deducted from your balance that is due the day of your appointment, leaving $450 due at the time of your appointment. Please include your phone number at checkout so Pre-Procedure advice can be sent to you before your appointment. Please click here to request an appointment after submitting the deposit.  Deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE.

Permanent makeup eyeliner is similar to traditional body-art tattoos in that a needle deposits color into skin; however, it differs in that pigment, not ink, is deposited into the most outermost layers of the skin to build a more natural look.There are typically two styles of this treatment. The tight line adds pigment between the spaces of your eyelashes to darken the appearance of your lash line. Eyeliner application is when pigment is actually applied above the lash line (just as if you were to apply eyeliner yourself), resulting in the look of liquid liner or winged eyeliner. Permanent makeup eyeliner may help your eyes look bigger, and the added definition will likely make you look more youthful.