The total cost of this service is $700 and includes the touch up/ perfecting 6 week visit. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be deducted from the total amount of $650. Please click here to request an appointment after submitting the deposit. 

Ombre brows create more of a "powdered/makeup" look compared to the more natural look that Microblading (hair strokes only - no shading) creates. The Ombre brow can incorporate hair strokes in the front and throughout the brow to make it more natural looking while giving it the ombre (lighter to darker) affect. The ombre/microblading combo can be requested and examples of each will also be available upon request to help you decide which method you prefer. 

This technique is done with a permanent makeup machine and does include topical anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable. Ombre Brows generally last between 2-3 years compared to Microblading that lasts 12-18 months. A bi-yearly touch up/color blast is recommended to maintain the best results. 


This service is non refundable, please see disclaimer below**

Upon paying the deposit for Microblading with "I Am Eyedolized" , I acknowledge  that no guarantees, warranties, promises, commitments or other statements as to the results of this treatment have been made, and I acknowledge that I have received no particular representations or guarantees, and I am consenting to the procedure at my own risk.